iCA – The online corporate action and proxy voting system

iCA – The online corporate action and proxy voting system

iCA is a joint MarbleTech and Ince product.

MarbleTech, a software development company that develops solutions for the financial investment industry, uses cutting-edge technology to provide investment and wealth managers with a competitive advantage in client investment management and administration. In collaboration with Ince, a leader in investor communication products, MarbleTech has developed a product that automates elective corporate actions and proxy voting.

The product is an on-line corporate action and proxy voting system, which is a first to the South African market. Known as iCA, it is an electronic proxy and elective corporate actions management platform allowing portfolio managers and shareholders more control.

The large number of corporate actions (dividends, capital repayments, rights offers and proxy voting) has made it impossible to communicate fairly with all clients without using scalable technology solutions. iCA addresses these needs and the platform is a combination technology/service solution, delivered in the cloud. The iCA platform includes an online portal, email notifications, elections being made and various reports.


iCA offers the ability to leverage a cloud-based platform that allows for simple and seamless participation in relevant corporate action events in a way that can be audited, tracked and reported, to minimise manual intense administrative tasks which are costly and risk sensitive.


The iCA platform offers two divisions

  • iCA4B – a voting platform for stock brokers.
  • iCA4M – a cloud-based voting platform for fund managers.


Solution offering

Some key benefits include:

  • Provides detection of all corporate events for the South African market. For international stocks, events are detected for all stocks held.
  • Presents proxy voting and cash event election to shareholders for electronic voting/election​.
  • Maintains balances throughout the lifecycle of the event linked to LDT (Last date to trade). ​
  • Supports feeding of data from upstream systems such as BDA (JSE’s Broker dealer accounting system).
  • Integrates final results back into line-of-business systems.
  • Sending summary reports to the client after event completion.


Technology platform

MarbleTech uses best-of-breed technology stack and facilitates the integration of the processing engine with a web-based front end to collect decisions. The platform offers advance emailing capabilities, and a customised branded client portal. It is more professional, automated and offers a full audit trail and report.

The system will automatically notify the fund manager, portfolio manager and clients of upcoming events (proxies) and electives. iCA is a cost-effective solution, is user-friendly and brings simple and seamless participation in voting resolutions, increasing stakeholder participation. Companies using this MarbleTech iCA4B solution include SBG Securities, FNB Securities, Sasfin Securities and ABSA Securities.


For more information, contact MarbleTech.