Learning in Reach: Thank you and update

Learning in Reach update

We have been asked to take over a Church community hall where we hope to expand the first Children’s House of Lavender Hill preschool which accommodates 20 children to add a further 2 classrooms for 50 additional children. The upstairs area is where our teacher training will take place and we will have a viewing deck where students can observe the children learning in the classroom below.

This is very much what Learning in Reach was established to create and it is very exciting for our team to have gained this growth organically over the last 3 years with the community driving the programs.

Another project we hope to expand in the coming year is our MakerSpace. I’ll whatsapp you our most recent delivery done in partnership with Kidz2Kidz and Santa Shoebox.  Through the MakerSpace we generate income not only for Learning in Reach’s programs, but also local community members with carpentry and CMT skills. We will be expanding our range of classroom and children’s furniture and garden products.

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Montessori ECD Teacher Enrichment Training:

Montessori ECD Teacher Enrichment Graduation:  

Here is some other feedback we received from last year’s participants:
“This has changed my perspective as a person, mother and teacher. ”

“Montessori gave me a different view of the world and children. I’m really excited to learn even more.”

“I changed a lot and now I’m able to control my emotions and observe the child. I’m also able to share the knowledge I’ve learnt. I became a better parent and teacher.”