The Marble solution: Unlock your business potential

The Marble solution: Unlock your business potential

Consumerism has forged its way into human culture since the early 1900s. Corporations planted the seed in consumers’ minds that the products they were using would become outdated at some point and should be replaced by a newer, shinier version. Corporations subsequently flooded markets with ‘new-and-improved’ products. However, after the catastrophic events of the global financial crisis, many companies; especially those with a more conservative spending outlook, drastically re-evaluated their budget allocations. Even necessary expenditures, such as software, was reassessed, thoroughly considered and researched. Seeing this shift in behaviour, Tienie van den Berg, along with Willie Scott and Kobie Scott, worked tirelessly to develop the company’s flagship product, appropriately labelled Marble.

Since its launch in 2009, MarbleTech has been spearheading financial innovation by offering a revolutionary system to unlock business potential.

The Marble solution was launched in 2010 to tackle language discrepancies between different platforms and is built on the premise that traditional, discrete best-of-breed systems require too much integration.

This cutting edge system seamlessly integrates with other software, which frees up valuable time for investment and wealth managers. Apart from its easy integration, Marble also makes managing client portfolios a breeze by offering end-to-end platform solutions. From administering clients’ assets across currencies and asset classes, managing client relationships and streamlining the portfolio reporting process.

The Marble solution boasts integrated modules which control the investment management value chain, such as a built-in, wealth management-focused CRM; portfolio management tools, risk management and portfolio performance, as well as IFRS-based investment accounting and tax reporting. Marble further offers client portals for web and mobile use to ensure customer-focused and a user-friendly experience.

Apart from aiding companies on South African soil, MarbleTech has seen how most investment managers traditionally implement offshore technology. These technologies usually result in costly implementation and integration fees; not to mention they seldom support local market standards, as well as local pricing and/or compliance regulations. However, with the Marble solution, none of these are a concern to your business.

MarbleTech is an African fintech company with a global mission.
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