Who is MarbleTech: An African company with a global mission

Who is MarbleTech: An African company with a global mission

Business organisations are expected to stay a step ahead of change in order to remain competitive and relevant within their markets. The business of the future needs to be at the forefront of innovation; deliberately deploying next-generation technologies to maximise output and return on investment. The founders of MarbleTech recognised this in 2008, as the world’s financial markets were plunged into a Global Financial Crisis (GFC).

The business and investment software landscape was laden with challenges, including the purchasing of latest fad software without conducting proper research into system functionalities, as well as integration with current legacy software to ensure systems spoke the same language. This was and still is, an expensive yet common mistake to make, especially in the wake of the 2008 GFC.

With a clear idea of the challenges faced by this complex industry, MarbleTech was established by Tienie van den Berg in 2009. Along with Kobie Scott and Willie Scott, development commenced on the cutting edge technology that is now the Marble system. “Today, we believe our developers and brand custodians must be subject-matter experts who have experienced the challenges clients face, when building software that comprehensively solves challenges” says MarbleTech CEO, Tienie van den Berg.

MarbleTech products and services include:

Marble is the flagship product that allows wealth and investment managers to have a solid competitive advantage in managing client portfolios, relationships and the reporting process.

The product is targeted to the small to medium-sized asset managers who wants a solution from technology partner that can grow as their business grows. It’s a browser-based scalable and simplified solution.

iCA for Stockbrokers
An On-line Corporate Action & Proxy voting system. This product allows portfolio managers and shareholders to manage elective corporate actions and vote on shareholder matters.

iCA4M for Portfolio Managers
iCA4M is the institutional version of the iCA application. The ability to leverage a cloud-based platform that allows for simple and seamless participation in relevant corporate action and proxy events in a way that can be audited, tracked and reported on; as an alternative to an admin heavy, costly and non-revenue generating activity is key to the future of the fund and asset managers.

XBRL reporting
XBRL is a global reporting standard for financial reporting. Using a taxonomy, or dictionary of financial concepts, reporting entities can produce reports which can be automatically analysed and compared across reporting period, competitors or industries with a high degree of accuracy.

A wealth consolidation platform for High net worth individuals and retail users alike. Designed for a revolutionised financial intelligence analysis.


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MarbleTech is an institutional-focused fintech company operating in Southern Africa.
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